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we want to do our best to create a project with the most impact. we want - you - the community to share your dreams for our great city so that we don’t look back and wished we had done something differently. We may not be able to utilize every great idea in this project but it also won’t be the last project for port orchard. let’s reach for the stars friends. our time is now!

Submit your information below as a digitally raised hand, signifying that you believe in our community and it’s potential. You imagine a future where the downtown waterfront is a gathering place for family, business, friends and residents.

Our Community Events Center will attract thousands of visitors to Port Orchard and help us create new jobs that support our local businesses and provide opportunities for generations to come. Help us communicate to the Kitsap Public Facilities District Board of Directors that we want their investment in our future by providing funding for the SK Community Events Center.

Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to indicate support for the SK Community Events Center and to receive periodic email updates as new information becomes available.

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